Workplace 2020
Envisioning the Future Workplace. Exploring ideas that will shape future workplace design.

Predictions About the Workplace of 2020

THE WORKFORCE: multigenerational, culturally diverse, more free-agents/contractors, mobile, environmentally savvy, more than 50% female, remote and onsite, knowledge-based THE WORK: highly collaborative, mobile and agile, work tools follow the person, paperless, work/life/play integrated, social learning is critical, based on results, not time spent at a desk THE TECHNOLOGIES: mobile and accessible, wireless power and data, people come to the workplace to access “big” technology and specialized technology, highly sustainable, no desktop computers THE WORKPLACE: activity based spaces, ubiquitous integrated technology, highly branded, facilitates social interaction, primary purpose is to collaborate and connect, very few fixed elements – highly flexible, connection to the outdoors/nature, workplace can be a core hub or distributed satellites/third places.